Design-Driven Innovation to build Software Products

CleomeSoft is a Software Design and Development services company that helps start-ups and enterprises build Products & Platforms by leveraging emerging technologies and trends and deliver Human-Centered Product Design Experiences.

Our team of talented & dedicated designers and engineers brings extensive experience in building scalable enterprise and consumer-facing products. By leveraging emerging technologies & trends; and cutting edge web and mobile technologies, we build innovative software solutions for domains like FinTech, InsurTech, e-Commerce, Storage, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing and IoT.

Our services include End-to-End Product Development – UX Design, UI Development, QA, CMS, Big Data & Analytics, DevOps, Scalable Web & Mobile Applications.

UX Design

Our UX capabilities are focused on delivering engaging and memorable product experiences to users and creating emotional connect with the brand.


Web Solutions

Our cutting edge digital solutions span across the spectrum, from start-ups to large Enterprises and ISV’s to manufacturing companies


Mobile Solutions

We offer the most comprehensive mobile app development services to build a new product, mobilize an existing product or maintain an existing solution


QA and Testing

Our QA practice provides a comprehensive suite of innovative and robust testing services that ensure high-quality products to meet the needs.


Integrated Design and Development Approach

We start the project by discovering the needs as to why the product is being built, understand the domain, product-ecosystem, users, business stakeholders and their expectations. We do research on technology and competitive landscapes and business challenges. We also identify unique business use-cases and identify unexplored dynamic personas. This provides valuable information on User and Stakeholder insights, Technical Feasibility and Business Eco-system.

Once we have product, user and business stakeholder insights, we start defining business & product goals, user goals, personas, scenarios, efficient workflows, band strategy, requirement analysis & plan technical strategy and test strategy. The outcomes of this stage are personas, scenarios, workflows, affinity map, empathy diagram, technical PoC.

In the design stage we start designing information architecture, technical architecture, test plans, visual strategy, interaction & visual design, module design/API Specs. The outcomes of this phase are storyboards/UI wireframes, visual concepts, technical design document, test plans, UI/visual specifications.

In the development phase we decide classes, modules, features, frontend/backend integration, detailed interaction design, build/deploy, unit/module tests, design QA/usability tests, bug fixes. The outcomes of this stage are system builds, QA reports, micro-interactions/transitions, and graphics assets.

Our Guiding Principles